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Supercapacitor batteries integrate high safety, long cycle life, and high power into one, giving "new energy + energy storage" more advantages in the cost of the life cycle.

Low Long-term Cost, High Efficiency

High Safety and Reliability

Short Circuit Test /Needle Punching / Crush  Without Explosion

Complete Solutions

Actively respond to customer needs and provide customers with complete energy storage technology solutions

High Efficiency
Complete Solutions
High Safety

Three Advantages

Wind/Photovoltaic Power Storage

Graphene supercapacitor battery energy storage technology and renewable energy power generation technology form a joint system to provide storage and output management for the root side of power generation. According to different application loads and system operation modes, it provides a completely independent power supply system, a self-generated and self-used surplus power grid-connected system, off-grid switching system, grid-connected system, etc.

Power Storage

Electric energy storage systems can store electrical energy through a certain medium, and release the stored energy to generate electricity when needed. Electric energy storage system can "connect" intermittent renewable energy, improve the stability of the power system, and solve the bottleneck problem of renewable energy development. Gonghe graphene supercapacitor battery energy storage system can realize the functions of capacity expansion, backup power supply, etc., adopting more renewable energy on the transmission and distribution side, and ensuring the safe, stable, efficient and low-cost operation of the power grid.

Electricity Storage

Gonghe Electronics’ graphene supercapacitor energy storage products have been successfully applied to large-scale industrial and residential applications, and expanded to new applications such as communication base station backup power, UPS backup power, micro grid, etc., to help areas without power grids achieve power coverage and reduce society Electricity cost, increase the power supply guarantee on the power user side, and maximize the use of energy to achieve social and economic benefits.

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