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Our company participated in the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition on November 24-27

The super capacitor battery of Dongguan City Gonghe Electronics Co., Ltd. was unveiled at the Shanghai Bauma Exhibition from November 24 to 27, 2020, showing the brand-new achievements of independent innovation and hard training in the super capacitor manufacturing industry. It attracted 1,000 professional visitors to the exhibition hall to visit and negotiate.


The products unveiled at this exhibition inherited the consistent high quality, high reliability, and high production efficiency of the Republic Energy brand. Supercapacitor batteries are widely praised by customers for their high safety and reliability, good low temperature characteristics, long life, fast charging speed, and large current. The newly launched 48V 5KWh-20KWh ultra-large energy storage cabinet and 16V 1KWh-6KWh outdoor mobile power supply, with its excellent design concept, better economic effect and humanized operation experience, better meet the customer's demand for electric energy storage .


The new products unveiled at the exhibition also brought a lot of "surprises from the future"-5G remote intelligent control and the application of technology for unmanned cluster intelligent construction have become a reality. Large-tonnage pure electric excavators, electric drive loaders, electric trailer pumps, pure electric unmanned road rollers, pure electric mixer trucks, hybrid aerial work platforms, intelligent rotary drilling rigs and other equipment have become the focus of the exhibition. These have opened a new chapter in the development of construction machinery towards intelligent, unmanned, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly upgrades. This also reflects the increasing application of supercapacitor batteries in construction machinery. We believe that in the near future, supercapacitor batteries will become an indispensable part of construction machinery applications.



This biennial event can be successfully held in the special year of 2020, which will undoubtedly convey to the whole industry the firm confidence and hope of "planning for a win-win situation and achieving long-term development". At this year's exhibition, Republic Electronics Co., Ltd. demonstrated its unlimited potential in cultivating new opportunities in the crisis and opening new games in the changing situation. With continuous new forces and innovative thinking, we will bring better electric energy storage products to the world.


The 2020 Bauma Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, let us look forward to the next more exciting bauma CHINA.



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